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The Center for Tai Chi & Qi Gong in Palm Beach County.


Welcome to Palm Beach Tai Chi

The Center for Tai Chi & Qi Gong in Palm Beach County


The last several months I've conducted an exhaustive search to find a new home for Palm Beach Tai Chi. I've searched everywhere you could possibly imagine to find just the right place. A place that we can call home.

I am happy to announce I believe my search is over. The contract isn't signed yet but I have verbally agreed to terms on a really nice place just minutes from downtown West Palm Beach.

If all goes well I will have a full schedule of classes: Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Meditation by the end of March, early April. I'm excited to resume teaching a full schedule.

Thanks to all of you, for your continued support of me and Palm Beach Tai Chi.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon.


Tai Chi

Through a traditional disciplined approach to studying Tai Chi, Yin Cheng Disciple Long Tuo humbly continues the lineage of Great Master Wang Pei Sheng and his teachings of the Wu Style Tai Chi form. 

Qi Gong

An ancient practice of energy cultivation requiring the integration of Mind & Body, Palm Beach Tai Chi's unique Qi Gong provides the practitioner quick and powerful results.


Palm Beach Tai Chi integrates ancient Nei Gong 'Inwards Training' principles with Traditional Chinese Medicine in our unique meditation practice.

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The Palm Beach Tai Chi Family

Just a few pictures of our classes and workshops. Our classes are a comfortable, friendly environment with people from all ages and many walks of life. I encourage everyone to stop by and see what we're all about. I consider all of my students family. 

Verified Google reviews from some of our students

"Bill teaches only the authentic principles of Tai Chi, which is truly a blessing to encounter these days. You will realize the depth, richness, and truth of the teachings even in your first class. I highly recommend his class for all aspects of physical and mental health, and it can even facilitate spiritual growth for all faiths."

"I absolutely enjoyed Bill Betts' Tai Chi classes when I lived in Florida. He is calm, patient, clear and helps students learn with ease. I'm hoping to return to Florida again in the near future, and I'll look forward to classes with you again, Bill!"

"Bill is a great teacher and has picked up right where Master Jeff left off. His classes are relaxing and intuitive. He teaches the ideas behind each form which provides a deeper understanding and purpose of the movements. This combined with the mediation techniques makes the class a real treat."

"Excellent place to study correct ideas and ancient Chinese principles of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Nei Gong Meditation - connects with modern & Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) - taught from direct Beijing Wu Tai Chi lineage - Great Master Wang Peisheng, US Grand Master Jeff Guiffre- to William Betts - with input from TCM experts - this is a MUST if you want to learn real Tai Chi, Qi Gong with correct Eastern principles to learn Super Health training, correct martial art techniques for good health & self-defense with minimal effort using skill & correct techniques to defeat brute strength !"

"As a new student to this discipline, I was pleasantly surprised with the immediate benefits and wellness felt after completing numerous weeks of Bill's meditation, Qi Gong, Tai Chi class. He is an excellent teacher...well versed, patient, knowledgeable, and relaxed. I will highly recommend it to everyone."