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Get ready to Relax, Energize & Balance!

Palm Beach Tai Chi offers classes in Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Meditation for adults of all ages and physical abilities at locations throughout Palm Beach County. 


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Palm Beach Tai Chi is proud to present
“Tai Chi Essentials”
Yin Cheng Wu Style Tai Ji Quan

A balanced mixture of
Meditation, Qi Gong and Tai Chi
specifically designed to elevate the health of one’s
Mind, Body & Spirit.

William Betts

Yin Cheng Instructor , Disciple 'Long Tuo'

what are classes like?


Meditation ~ Nei Gong (Inwards Training)

Each and every class begins with a simple meditation. One of our primary goals is to reconnect our mind and body. That is tough to do in our busy daily lives with a scattered, busy mind. This simple meditation helps to calm the mind so we can begin to reconnect our mind and body and realize the highest benefits from our Tai Chi practice. 



Qi Gong ~ 'Feeling Great Qi Gong'

After our meditation we transition into  'Feeling Great Qi Gong'. This is a special set of Health Vitality Exericses designed to leave you feeling great from head to toe. This Qi Gong is great as a stand alone exercise but also a wonderful 'warm-up' for our Tai Chi practice. 



Wu Style Tai Ji Quan

Then we transition into our Tai Chi form. The primary Tai Chi form we teach is the 16 Postures Wu Style form as disseminated by Great Master Wang Pei Sheng of China.

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